A Journey from The Green to Essex Bar & Bistro

Ester and Brandon, along with their adorable puppy Luna, exemplify great clients turned friends! We chose special spots to capture photos that would narrate more about their love story. From the outset of the shooting, their easygoing nature, jokes, and affectionate interactions set a delightful tone. Their energy radiated joy, creating a relaxed and joyful atmosphere that permeated the entire session. With Luna by their side, the shoot became a heartwarming celebration of love and companionship.

The The Green, Where Brandon Popped the Question Amidst Literary Magic

We started the shooting during the most perfect golden light at The Green, where Brandon proposed to Ester a few months ago, and you could see in their eyes all the feelings coming up and how eternalizing that place and moment was so important to them. This place is known for being a “pocket park” and is the overall theme of world literature and has adorable bees on the ground that gives it a little more charm.

Romantic Firsts at Essex Bar & Bistro

Concluding our photo journey, we casually made our way to Essex Bar & Bistro, the place where their love story had its exciting kickstart on that unforgettable first date. Capturing moments in this unique spot infused an extra layer of meaning into their narrative, transforming it into a visual celebration of their beautiful beginning. It's more than just a venue; it's the living symbol of Ester and Brandon's ever-evolving romance.